Copyright is a significant point with respect to font styles. The designers are allowed to share their work on Fancy-fonts, and they affirm that they are the copyright holders of the textual styles they share. Some font designers probably won’t give adequate data in their own terms, so this permit covers the minimum necessities that may have been missed.


Every font available on our website belongs to the respective creators, except if they are in the open space and given they are unique.

License Info:

The font’s license type decides how you may utilize it.

Personal Use:

All the fonts you want for your “Personal use”, you can download for free, as long as the use isn’t supremacist or illegal. Personal use normally alludes to any use that isn’t intended to produce benefit in a business manner, for example:

Designing for a website, blog, etc.

Scrapbooking or yourself

Designing a T-shirt for personal use or for your relatives at no charge

Churches, charities, and non-benefit associations

Making invitations or flyers

Commercial Use:

Commercial use is for organizations or people that may benefit from the utilization of the font. No one is allowed to use any font for “Commercial use” without earlier composed authorization from the creator. If you want to use any of the fonts for this purpose, please contact the creator to request business authorizing in such a case.

These conditions are applicable in the following cases:

Making website, logo, business card for organizations

Using as a text in a book

T-shirts, merchandise for selling purposes

Flyers for occasions that charge admission

And whatever other circumstances where you are getting paid


It is very important to state that the font creator/designer despite everything holds Copyright, which implies that you are not allowed to guarantee it as your own or sell the font to someone else.