Everyone can submit their font on fancy-font freely, but when submitting you agree to the following terms and conditions.


The font that is submitted may not damage any copyrights. The images that are produced from the submitted font may not damage any trademarks, similar to any organization logo. It is important that the font should be unique and not match any font that is already available. Even the name that is given to the font should be unique or it could damage the trademark of any other font in the market.


In the event that you are not the creator of the submitted font style, you should have consent from the copyright holder to distribute this text style on Fancy fonts. Otherwise, it could damage the trademarks and would be considered illegal and the owner can do copyright charges on you.


The submitted text style must agree to our License Terms. In simple words, the font should be free for personal use. It should be allowed to be freely copied and shared among other users for private use.


For clearness, it is advised that you should include all the license information in formats, for example, TXT or PDF. This file should contain all the terms relating to commercial use, alteration, and redistribution of your font. If you don’t have the time to write these terms, no worries. Fancy fonts also offer a lot of standard licenses to look over once you have submitted the font.


Whenever you submit a font, you recognize that your accommodation conforms to these terms. All entries will be evaluated and if it meet our terms only then it would be published on our website.

Font Format:

The font you submitted must be in the .zip group. One .zip file must contain only one font family. If it includes any more files, then Any further included records ought to be confined to conceivable licensing information in a simple lucid format, for example, TXT or PDF and a few outlines to display the text style in real life.